Amsterdam UX Camp

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Amsterdam UX Camp is a one-day BarCamp. At the camp, you can share your knowledge and passion about User Experience and related disciplines. The camp is an open participatory event where content is generated by attendees. Contribution is key: whether it’s sharing your knowledge in the form of a presentation, facilitating a workshop, starting a discussion, or volunteering.

Generating excitement for the event

The opportunity for AmsterdamUX Camp was to redesign the existing site. We wanted to generate more excitement within the community of Amsterdam UX. With a completely open brief, we were challenged with how to present the information in a fun, exciting and clear way.

The focus pre-event was to encourage tickets sales through visual design. Because of this, we gave clear thought and structure as to where to position call to actions such as ticket purchase.

The focus post-event was to design a flexible schedule. This would enable the organisers to update the schedule the day of the event. We designed a flexible schedule that the organisers could quickly fill in on the day.

We built a visual identity for the event

To make the event unique and recognisable, we created a visual identity. This consisted of playful colours, patterns, strong type and complimentary toned photography. Combined, these elements helped to communicate the excitement, play and fun of the event.

It was important that the visual elements evoke play and life – while still not overshadowing the content and calls to actions. We developed a set of rustic playful shapes, complemented with a strong colour palette.

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Client: Amsterdam UX Camp

Start Date: 01/07/2016

End Date: 20/08/2016


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