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Tasman Street Vet Centre is a small veterinary clinic well known and trusted by their local community. As a small clinic, their strengths are in our personal knowledge of your pets’ history and a personal connection with each of their patients by providing them with ‘Professional, Friendly Pet Care’.

The original website for the clinic was created by the clinic themselves using a WordPress theme and lacked a friendly, professional feel, company branding and easy navigation. David originally enquired about getting a few tweaks to the existing wordpress theme done to align it better with their brand, however it became quickly apparent that the clinic would benefit so much more with a full redesign and development of the website.

Original Site

Research and brainstorming

We began by brainstorming together the requirements for the website including what most important, what their goals were and any likes/dislikes in terms of visual aesthetics. After some discussion we realised that the heart of the clinic really lied not only in the people working there, but the animals themselves. We decided that we wanted to bring this through in the website in a visual way, with professional photography of the animals at the center rather than stock photography.


What’s important?

There were a few considerations that needed to be considered when designing and building the site. One of those was ease of use for David to continue maintaining and updated the site on his own. The site was built on Kirby as a CMS so that David could easily update the information on the site without our help.

As communicating the friendliness of the centre was a goal from the beginning, we added a section on the new site that shows who the staff are – with photos. Here the centre can communicate visually their staff as well as a bit about each staff member, creating that personal relationship with their clients.

It was also important that the opening hours and contact details are easy to find on the site. Not only do they appear in the footer in each page, but the phone number appears on the top right of the navigation. That way if a user comes to the site because they need to urgently contact the vet, they can do so without even having to scroll, click or navigate around the site.

Final concept – Contact Page
Final concept – Contact Page

Final Concept

The final concept is a clear, easy to navigate site that communicates in a friendly way what the clinic offers. Whether booking a vet appointment or enquiring about the cattery, the website is clear and each division of the clinic is separated from each other.

Final concept – Cattery Page

David Lloyd

Manager of Tasman Street Vet Center

Femke and Owen went to considerable effort to understand our business and our personalities and we’ve now got a web presence that really reflects our values as a Veterinary practice. I’m glad we made the change.

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Client: David Lloyd

Start Date: 28/10/2014

End Date: 24/12/2014


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